Calculate all the fees,
not just the duties and taxes

Don’t lose another customer or package due to unexpected fees upon delivery or delays at customs.

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Zonos Landed Cost allows you to calculate and collect all the costs to get an international package delivered before you even ship the goods. Improve the shopping experience for your international customers by providing them with total transparency. When customers can pay everything at checkout, it also increases the likelihood of a quick customs clearance.

Integrations to calculate and collect the total landed cost at checkout are available for all major carriers and ecommerce platforms.

Make your international shopping experience as smooth as your domestic

Simplify and automate
Simplify and automate
Save time and grow profitably by collecting ALL international shipping fees during checkout.

There’s much more to international shipping costs than duties and taxes! Clearance fees, seasonal surcharges from carriers, and fluctuating foreign exchange rates make calculating the landed cost complicated. Zonos automates the calculation and calculation of all international shipping costs before you ship your packages.

Simplify and automate
Easy integration
Forget developers with our ecommerce plugins or easy-to-use cloud-based calculator tool.

Landed cost calculators are available in three ways:
Plugins: Available for all major ecommerce platforms
APIs: Custom integrations demand customization only an API could offer. (Developers LOVE our simplified documentation.)
Cloud-based tools: Landed cost calculator with integrated HS code lookup

Simplify and automate
Trusted technology
The world’s biggest postal carriers and ecommerce retailers trust Zonos technology.

Ensuring an accurate landed cost requires a deep understanding of far more than just duties and taxes! Zonos has spent over ten years building relationships and integrations with carriers and customs authorities worldwide to ensure we have the most accurate landed cost calculator. This is why Zonos’ cross-border technology powers the world’s biggest postal carriers.

Why total landed cost is better than a simple duty and tax quote

Duty and taxLanded Cost

If you are calculating duty and tax only, you are quoting and billing less than what will be billed by the carrier.

Are your customers ready for total landed cost?

Duties and taxes are one of life's certainties but displaying the full landed cost can surprise some customers. Use the Zonos Quoter tool to help you develop a pricing strategy that builds international shipping fees into your product pricing in key markets while you start to itemize and collect the total landed cost in secondary markets? This helps reduce the risk and money lost on international, and you can test customer response, all while automating the complexities of your global operation. Fill out the form below for a consultation to find out if Zonos can help you improve your cross-border experience.

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