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Case study: Vat19 and Zonos

Learn how Vat19 expanded to more countries and increased revenue.

Vat19 is an online retailer shipping to 96 countries. They integrated Zonos Checkout with an API.  Before Zonos, they had problems with lost orders, refused packages, and delivery shock from confused customers.


Case study highlights:

  • 32% increase in conversion
  • 14% increase in gross merchandise value (GMV)
  • Returns and refunds decreased

“Simply, Zonos allows you to expand your business internationally. They take care of everything you need: the taxes, duties, and shipping costs. If someone is trying to expand internationally, Zonos is the one stop shop for that. I’m a huge fan. I’ve loved everything Zonos has done for us!”

– Jamie Salvatori, Founder and CEO of Vat19


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