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Classify your product catalog

Avoid customs delays and stay compliant with the new ICS2 release

Import Control System 2 is a new system of safety protocols to screen imports for the European Union (EU). In March of 2023, the next release will require that all products have accurate hs codes and descriptions for shipments that are going to or through the EU.


Even if you do not ship to the EU, carriers are required to provide classification codes and product info to EU customs for all shipments that may pass through the EU.

How do I classify my product catalog?

Zonos understands that product classification and international compliance are important. With Zonos Classify, you can quickly classify your entire catalog at once with our bulk product classification.

  1. Fill out the form to give Zonos the necessary information about your product catalog.
  2. You will receive an email from our sales team with a .csv file template and detailed instructions.
  3. Export your product catalog and format the .csv file. Use the link in the email to book a time to talk with Zonos and submit your file.


This special offer for a one-time classification starts at $750 for 1,500 products.

More price breaks are available for larger product catalogs. You will receive a customized quote based on your product catalog when you talk to the team at Zonos.