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Zonos Classify for international product classification Zonos Classify

Automate HS codes for products

Zonos Classify automates harmonization codes for international product compliance.

Are you a retailer shipping orders cross-border?
Get accurate product HS or HTS tariff code classifications for compliance with Zonos Classify for faster customs clearance and happy customers all over the world.

API technology ensures accurate and up-to-date-tariff codes. Avoid fines and penalties associated with noncompliant product classification.

Classify your products in 3 ways:

  • Find product classification codes easily with a description or image.
  • Bulk upload the entire product catalog with a CSV file.
  • Dynamically harmonize your catalog with an API.

Validate product classification with accurate HS6-HS10+ harmonized tariff codes.

International compliance is complex and it is difficult to keep up with compliance requirements without a trusted cross-border expert.

Let Zonos take care of the technical details so that your business can focus on creating the best experience for your international customer.


Zonos certificates for top workplace, SOC2 compliance, and best of Southern Utah

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Learn more about Classify

Classify is an automated Harmonized System (HS) code classification tool that uses the power of AI to provide accurate and efficient results.

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Zonos guarantee

Zonos covers any landed cost discrepancies, ensuring you never have to worry about disputing fees, guaranteed.

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Cross-border resources

Educational cross-border resources to help you with your business.

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Reduce customs delays with accurate classification.

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